Rechargeable Hearing Aids – Review

I wish I would have found these hearing aids last year. I
could have saved a lot of money. My hearing aids cost me
$1,300 for one ear total $2,600
The comments have all been good on the function of the aids.
Everybody likes them and they say the aids are easy to use.

You may have seen the aids on TV. They have been
advertising these Aids all most every day.

About the Hearing Aid:
1. Rechargeable Battery
2. Other Hearing Aids $1800 to $3,000 per ear
3. Save Money
4. American Made
5. Simple to use
6. 1 year warranty
7. Digital Chip

Go here to buy:

Macadamia Nut for Health

What makes this nut so valuable is it’s health
minerals that are found in this small nut. They have fatty acids which is good for
fiber. Some other vitamins are the following: vitamin B6, calcium, copper, iron,
magnesium, manganese, potassium, selenium, and zinc.

If you have a problem with weight, Disease, and bone structure they may
help you.

You can buy these here:

Pompano Fishing

What Does a Pompano Fish look like?

Fish identification is really important when
fishing in salt water. Make sure you have a fish Identification
chart with you. The Jack, Permit and pompano are really tough
to identify.

Pompano and Jacks can be distinguished
from each other by their size. Pompano grow smaller than
Jacks. The best way to distinguish between
these species is to count the dorsal and anal fin rays. Pompano have more.
They have six short spines which are located in front of the dorsal fin
located on the back.Pompano have a thin, silvery body and grey back.
The fins of Pompano may be yellow.

What Kind of Bait?

You can use a 1/4 oz to 1/2 oz jig head with whole shrimp or a piece of shrimp.
I like to use a Pink head or yellow jig head.
My best Pompano bait is the banana silly willy jig. I like the Pink jig
with or without a trailer.

Last year we were catching 10 to 12 fish every time we went out.
We had better luck with a plain Pink Silly Willy.

A lot of guys that fish the grass flats will fish with a teaser on the Silly Willy:


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How To Make Your Own Fishing Jigs

I have a question for you guys that do a lot of
fishing in the back waters in Florida.
I fish the Englewood area around lemon Bay.
Do you catch more fish on Hair Jigs or Jigs tipped with soft plastic?
I was there last year and used this Jig I made.
I just added some Hair to the jig.

I really had good luck on this Jig below:

I bought the package of lures at walmart.
I dipped the head in powder, and then put the eyes on later.
I saved a lot of money. I used the pink head.
I caught trout,sharks,catfish,lady fish, an flounder on this lure.
They destroyed all of my lures. I’m in the process of making some more for next Jan.

I hope the red tide will be gone.

What do you guys use in the back waters?

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Question On Baseball Hitting?

I would like to know your opinion
on swinging at the first pitch or letting it go
buy for a called strike.
I watch the Cardinals almost every night when they play,
and I see that a lot of their hitters leave the first
pitch go buy for a strike.

The national baseball congress made the rule a long time
ago about how many strikes you get at a time at bat.

The rule states 3 and you are out. Why would a player let the first
pitch go over the plate for a strike with out swinging? Now the player
has two swings
and not three. They just lost .333% chance of getting a hit.
And at the same time let the pitcher get ahead in the count.


I guess I’m missing something.

What are your thoughts? Leave a comment!

Best Mirro Fishing Lure – Review

When I fish in the back waters in Florida I will fish
with three different kinds of bait. I may start out with a hard bait, and then
switch to a soft plastic bait, and the last resort try live bait.
Check these Mirro Lures out. I believe they are one of
the best in shallow water.

PRODUCT: Best Fishing Lure For The Back Waters in 2019
L@@K for The Mirro Fishing Lures
Price: $4.99 to $9.99
Cheapest Place to Buy; Amazon or Cabellas
Quality: 9-10
Size:2 5/8″ to 3 1/2″
Bright, Reflective Luminescent Inserts
Natural – Looking 3-D Eyes

I thought you might like to see a lure that I caught over 200 trout on last year, and never used any live bait.

With a twitching retrieve, these baits dart from side-to-side, mimicking a wounded baitfish. Trout, Redfish, Snook,
Striped Bass and Tarpon find the MirrOdines to be irresistible.
These MirrOlures really work. You cast it out and count 3 slow and then give it a twitch and real in a little
at a time and do the same thing over and over a little twitch and then reel. Check her out The Twitch Machine.
These MirrOlures come in different sizes and colors. A friend of mine fishes around
Ft. Myers, Florida and all the way up the islands to Boca Grand, and he only uses theMirroLure.
He brings more fish in then any body in that area.

I like the 2 5/8″ size the best. They have several colors. I have 6 in my box.
I caught Walley’s in South Dakota this past spring on the Mirro Lure.
I even caught Crappie on it. I think it would be a good Walley and Crappie Lure to try.

The Mirrolure above is the Lure I used in Florida. I think it is
the best hard bait lure for trout on the market.
The key is the twitch ! Master this and you will catch a lot of fish.
One thing I didn’t point out was in grass flats you don’t have to take weeds off all the time after a cast.
The Mirrolure runs shallow. The fish will come up and strike it. You may only be fishing in 2′ to 5′ of water.
OK, I forgot one other tip, and then I’m done you are on your own.
Don’t do what I did . After you fish in salt water make sure you spray Real Magic all over your lures,
because the salt will rust your hooks, reel, and bait.